Resolve Revised

It’s been just over six months since I published Resolve. Over time and as I’ve learned more about game design, I realised that some of the features didn’t quite work in the way I wanted them to. Having major arcana as resources and challenges meant that a significant minority of challenges and resources didn’t have a numerical value, which undermined both the mechanics of the game and the spiritual significance of the major arcana. Meanwhile, the mechanic for trusting to fate was an automatic choice, which is to say not a choice at all, and didn’t feel like trusting to fate. Finally, the scoring system felt tacked-on and not in line with the tone of the game.

In addressing these issues, I’ve changed the game significantly. Being a very short ruleset, it felt silly to call it a ‘second edition’, but almost every mechanic is now different. Perhaps it would have been more sensible to save this and release it closer to NYE, but if I only viewed the world through the lens of strategic marketing, I wouldn’t do any of the things I love.

The game continues to be released on a Pay What You Feel basis. While financial contributions are welcome, I like hearing feedback and seeing the game shared with others who might enjoy it even more.


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Jun 27, 2021

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