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You are a character on the road, who has a chance encounter with an intriguing stranger and spends the night in their company, parting ways in the morning.

Designed to be played while driving, this game introduces the Car Engine, a set of mechanics and tools for generating random numbers and determining the quality or outcome of uncertain events. 

Always drive safe! Don't let the game distract you from the road.

By default, it is a solo game, however it can easily be adapted to a two-player activity, with each player taking on the part of one of the strangers. 

Created for the One-Page RPG Jam 2022 and inspired by the film Before Sunrise by Richard Linklater.


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Played this on Episode 13 of my podcast, Alone at the Table! Definitely feel like this is a bit tough to play alone in the car - everyone be safe while driving!


Thanks so much! I loved listening to your playthrough. There’s definitely a safety factor, I developed the system pretty organically so I didn’t have to do much referencing of the rules, but maybe I should advise people to play at home first to get familiar with the different steps before trying it on the road! Nonetheless, I’m glad you enjoyed it and you’re right, I’m based in the UK where license plates always have numbers on them.


Thank you for listening!

I definitely think I could have written myself a sticky note to put on the dash for shorthand referencing instead of my phone's pdf version. It worked out okay since I did intentionally pick an area to drive that had tons of traffic stops!